Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gram Power – A Smart Start-up, with a Smart Microgrid Solution

Gram Power's focus is “To Electrify India – Intelligently”. The team has received $80,000 in grants from, Intel Corp, and UC Berkeley and $1million from an angel investor. Their solution was selected by (sponsored by NASA, USAID, Department of State, and NIKE) as a top 10 clean technology innovator.

They  believes there are 2.6 billion poor people who should have access to reliable, affordable power solutions. Within India, the dynamics supporting Gram Power’s solution include: 1) over 300 million people live off the power grid, many in remote rural areas where providing access is not economical, 2) the potential to reduce diesel subsidies (about $900 million) for telecom tower operations and 3) centralized electricity systems waste about 58% of its energy due to theft and heat loss in transmission lines and power stations (in the U.S., the loss rate is about 7%).

In the following video, co-founder Yashraj Khaitan  provides an overview of their efforts

Gram Power from LAUNCH on Vimeo.

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