Monday, February 11, 2013

Bill Ackman on the Psychology of Successful Investing (Floating University)

The 2 minute video below is presented by high profile and often controversial investor Bill Ackman. He is considered an activist  with a value focus.

He is participating with the on-line education project Floating University which has  a Great Big Ideas lecture series.  Other participants in the series include Joel Cohen, Mathematical Biologist - Colombia; Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physics - CUNY; Tamar Gendler, Philosophy - Yale; Steven Pinker, Psychologist/Linguist – Harvard; Saul Levmore, Law - University of Chicago; Paul Bloom, Cognitive Psychologist – Yale; Nicholas Christakis, Medical Sociology – Harvard; Douglas Melton, Natural Sciences – Harvard; Leon Botstein, Conductor/President, Bard College; Jeffrey Brenzel, Philosopher – Yale, Larry Summers, Economist – Harvard.

Ackman's  lecture "Everything you need to Know About Finance and Investing in Less than an Hour” is part of this series as well.

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